Culinary Trends

Annually, millions of chefs watch out for trends in the culinary industry. The main reason for doing so is to be ahead of other competitors in developing new recipes. For the past few years, a large majority of the world’s population has been plagued by health problems like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. This has triggered many people to become conscious of the food they eat. Many people today are looking to various sources online for people to prepare their meals. For example, in Arizona the website is helping people select culinary chefs to prepare meals. While fast food chains are still popular, a growing number of people have switched to healthier food choices. Hence, expect healthier dishes and organic ingredients from popular restaurants. Likewise, the state dinner prepared for kids at the White House reflects the growing concern of homemakers in preparing healthier meals for their children.

In a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association participated by almost two-thousand members of the American Culinary Federation, there were certain food items considered as trending such as gluten-free food and forbidden rice. Gluten-free food has become popular since gluten worsens Celiac disease, an inflammation of intestinal lining that inhibits proper food absorption. Even individuals who do not have such condition could choose to avoid gluten food sources like wheat, barley, and rye. However, they run the risk of missing out important nutrients like iron, calcium, and fiber.

Forbidden RiceForbidden rice is another food source that attracts attention from health-conscious people. The violet-black color of the grain contains anthocyanins which are often subjects of research concerning nutrition. The Chinese served this rice only to the emperor in ancient China. Nowadays, it can be commercially bought in food stores although it fetches a high price. Aside from its nutritional value, black rice is popular among chefs because it can be used to enhance meals due to its color.

Another culinary trend is the growing interest in healthy meals for children. It is high time for parents to prepare nutritious yet delicious meals that will support the overall development of their child. When it comes to Arizona, culinary treats are becoming more popular such as can be found at Healthy food such as quinoa, beans, and vegetables can be used to create meals for children;hence, chefs are finding better ways to include healthy ingredients into their menus. Certainly, these healthy meals for children will help battle the growing incidence of obesity and diabetes in very young people. If meals can be prepared that children will love, then fast food will be the last option for children in the future. It is also important to note that the culinary industry is looking at locally grown food as ingredients. First, this helps costs since it minimizes importing raw food products. Second, it helps the economy of the local market. The creativity of chefs are brought out to meet the challenge of using locally grown produce as part of their menu. Likewise, more tourists are attracted by the exquisite flavors of a destination that they visit.

Indeed, it is very exciting to experience these trends for 2013. The world is becoming more aware of health and environmental issues as reflected by the trend. Aspiring cooks must ensure that they get the right training from reputable culinary schools in the US. It is best to equip one’s self with the proper skills and attitude through a culinary program in order to succeed in the hospitality industry. It is also valuable to keep watch of forthcoming trends in order to come up with dishes that will attract more customers for your business.

Black Rice and Arugula Salad Recipe Mix

Black rice is known to be the healthiest rice on the planet. It is loaded with tons of nutrients and minerals, high in antioxidants, can prevent Alzheimer disease, and has well an impressive amount of fiber. Here’s one recipe that combines arugula in it to really enhance the flavor of the rice even more. Arugula is even considered to be an aphrodisiac, improving blood quality. And what’s even more great about this dish is that it is very healthy for you as well. The rice in the video is Chinese black rice.