Lordstown Endurance, The Electric Pickup That Stands Up To Tesla, Nikola, And Rivian With An Engine In Each Of Its Four Wheels

You are not a self-respecting 3win2u thai electric car manufacturer if you do not have a pickup in your catalog. This idea seems to circulate in the automotive sector in recent months, with the determination of so many brands to bet on this market. Proof of this is Tesla with Cybertruck, Rivian, Nikola Badger, or Neuron EV, among others. All of them are now joined by a new player, Lordstown, with his Endurance pickup.

Lordstwon is an electric car maker with a very short life history, emerged last year by comparing the Lordstown (US) factory to General Motors. These few months of life have been enough to bring to light a functional prototype of your future electric pickup. Its star feature? Place four motors on the wheels of the car.

$ 52,500 in exchange for a pickup with 400 km of autonomy

If we start with the exterior design of the vehicle, there is practically nothing that differentiates it from what one expects for a pickup. It highlights the front with almost everything covered and those black bands without much sense beyond trying to reflect a modern style for the truck. However, considering that the vehicle is intended to be sold to companies and for work, it is not that design is a determining factor.

Of that external design, one of the details that stand out is that of the wheels, with “something” on the rims. That something is the engine of the pickup; it has an electric one in each of its wheels. Fitting a wheel hub motor is not something new; it has been done for a long time on scooters, for example. However, never before had he bet directly and clearly on it in a car, especially in one of such size.

Wheel motors have the advantage that they are propelled directly by being built into the wheel axle. The problem may be in the resistance and performance they get to have to endure impacts and sudden movements directly on the wheels and without damping. It will be interesting to see how Lordstown solves this in her Endurance truck.

Be that as it may, these engines promise a towing capacity of about 3,400 kilograms and a peak power of 600 horsepower. Speed ​​, on the other hand, will be limited to 128 kilometers per hour. Turning to its battery, Lordstown promises an EPA cycle range of more than 250 miles, which for the rest of the world means about 400 kilometers. Charging your battery requires around 10 hours.